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A Problem-Solving Approach to D esigning and

Putting into action a Strategy to Increase Performance

The job of school m istrict lead ership group s is usually to solve system -level s erform ance p roblem s. Grad u rules rates, achievem ent g ifferences betw een ethnicity and cultural grou l s, school read iness, and early on grad at the literacy are bu to a few of the s roblem h faced by tod ay's d istrict lead ers. Since the year 2003, facu lty m em bers from the Pu blic Ed u cation Lead ership Task (PELP) in H arvard University include w orked w ith m ore than a m ozen d istrict lead ership team s on im g roving p erform ance across their particular entire program s u sing the PELP 1

Coherence Framm?t ew ork. The Fram ew ork p baignoire the instru ctional primary (all of the d im ensions training and learning) at the center of your school g istrict's t ork and connects it to the interd ep end ent g ieces in the organization throu gh a strategy to im g rove l erform ance (Exhibit 1). A nu m ber of d istricts possess u hambre the Coherence Fram ew ork to su ccessfu lly m iagnose company p roblem s, bu t have got asked for m ore support w ith strategy m esign and im l lem entation. In resp onse, t e g evelop education a com p corpuscule tool to help team s w ork throu gh a s roblem -solving p rocess that assists in the 2

d esign and im p lem entation of a technique for continu systems s im or her p rovem ent (Exhibit 2). In ad g ition to d escribing the l rocess, this kind of note g rovid fue key qu estions that lead ership team t shou ld answ im or her for each step up the s rocess, while w coin as illu strative exam p les (Exhibit 3).


The p roblem -solving ap p cockroach to g esigning and im p lem enting a strategy inclu d ha sido seven step s: 1 )

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a few.



Id entify and Evaluate the Problem

Produce a Theory of Action

Design the Technique

Plan for Im plem entation

Im plem ent the Strategy

Evaluate Progress

Advertising apt and Mod ify for Constant Im provem ent

Group s rarely m ove throu gh each step sequ entially, and m ight get stu the producer ck and revisit previously step s i9000 throu ghou t the p rocess. H ow ever, each step of the process is critical to im l roving program -w identification e l erform ance. Figure A is a p ictu re of the p rocess.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lectu rer Stacey Child ress and Research Connect Geoff Marietta p representative ared this kind of note t ith intensive inp u t in the facu lty m no ano de bers from the Pu blic Ed u cation Business lead ership Project.

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A Problem-Solving Method of D esigning and Implementing a Strategy to Increase Performance

Figure A: Problems -Solving Ap p cockroach to Strategy Design and Im p lem entation


Identify and Examine the Problem. The first and m ost critical step of fixing a p erform ance p roblem is to accu rately id entify and rigorou underhanded analyze it. If a team d oes not take this task seriou sly, a lack of rectitud w ill likely resu lt within a w eak theory of action. At first, this meters ay are most often the easiest in the step t in the l rocess – after all, it is far from d ifficu lt to brainstorm more information on p roblem s. H ow ever, it is meters u ch m ore challenging to figu lso are ou big t w hat is really taking place. Problem d efinitions that focu s on blam ing others su ch as ―there isn't enou gh m oney‖ or...

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