Expansion of Boost Network of Videocon D2H in Hubli India

Expansion of Boost 04.09.2019
 Expansion of Recharge Network of Videocon D2H in Hubli India Essay

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C O L T E G E O F B U S I actually N Elizabeth S H A D M My spouse and i N I S Capital t R A T My spouse and i O D B M A Vidyanagar, Hubli

(Affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad)


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Mr. Manu. M. Meters

BBA VIth Semester BBA 09b11147

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|SL NO . |TOPIC |PAGE ZERO | |1 |Executive Synopsis |1-2 | |2 |Introduction to the theme |3 | |3 |Industry profile |4-9 | |4 |Company profile |10-14 | |6 |Organization chart |15 | |7 |Research methodology |16 | |8 |Limitations to the research |17 | |9 |Research design |17 | |10 |Data examination and model |19-45 | |11 |Key findings |46 | |12 |Suggestions |47 | |13 |My knowledge |48 | |14 |Bibliography |49 | |15 |Annexures |50


A survey was carried out regarding " The enlargement of recharge network through mobile refresh outlets intended for Videocon d2h” in Hubli city. This survey is performed basically for the mobile recharge counters.

To conduct the survey a questionnaire was prepared, an example of 90 mobile boost counters were taken. Inside the methodology it had been found the fact that research design which is the specification of procedure for collecting & examining the data essential to help, determine, react to a problem or option so that the difference between the uncover of obtaining various degrees of accuracy & the predicted value with the information connected with each level accuracy is maximum.

This topic has become chosen as per the concern and requirement of Videocon d2h, group of friends office, Hubli. The basic intention is to accumulate customers whom are interested in advertising Videocon d2h recharge discount vouchers and ultimately help the business in expanding their charge network inside the area and making the recharge supply for the client.

Assessing the recharge network, segmenting to be able to cover the entire geographical region then assess the opportunities to get distribution...

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