Gap Model Analysis of First Flight Courier simply by Nikhil, Kushagra and Jeetu

 Gap Model Analysis of First Air travel Courier simply by Nikhil, Kushagra and Jeetu Essay




Nikhil Raju (PA1018)

Kushagra Jadhav (PA1015)

Jithu D Kurias (PA1013)


Couriers are essentially a service intended for sending funds or goods at some expense. It requires a person or a company engaged in transporting, dispatching and distributing characters, parcels and mails. Within a rather person term, it could be said that, when compared to normal snail mail service, a courier have many added features. A courier is a lot faster, safer and secured than common mail. It is just a specialized services with authenticated signatures. It includes tracking service with every single service getting treated like a specific person case. Committed timely deliverance is their primary characteristic. These features do cost you a bit extra but with a lot of features obtainable, the cost gets leveraged. The courier sector specializes in time-definite, reliable travel services pertaining to documents, packages and gets. This is completed via a mix of transport network that includes street, rail, ocean and air flow for door-to-door delivery. This kind of extensive syndication system is supported by infrastructure that comprises hubs, warehouses, THIS technology and human resources, and also offices in numerous cities.

One of the main reasons intended for the increase in courier businesses is the rate of growth in global trade, probably largely to the Internet. Couriers have to deal with all sorts of requests coming from delivering simple mail documents to huge electronic items like computers, computer printers and tvs. Simply put, the courier industry has grown as a result of demand from customers and businesses.

Increasingly more courier firms appear on a typical basis, and you will probably have discovered different courier logos and branding upon vans and planes around the globe. Many of these courier companies operate independently, while others rely on some of the larger courier corporations when it comes to providing international transport.


Due to the growing demand for reduced transit time and early deliveries the sector is forecast to grow at 25% for the next 2-3 years, making this one of the most effective growing sections in the transport of cargo. International exhibit cargo retains 6% with the express shipment industry, yet is forecasted to reach forty percent by 2017. The industry had the start a few 15-20 years ago. But with changing economy and technical progression seen each and every day, the market has prolonged fast to several metropolis, township and even rural areas. American indian courier industry was initially restricted to all the 4 metros. The main reason was the airport terminal connection these kinds of metros had been having. Train, bus, bike and even bike have helped the sector in this regard. Market has journeyed a long way now it has become a really common view to see your workplace of Courier Company in the nearby area. At present, you will find about 2300 courier corporations in India, but several major players in the high quality organized section dominate the industry.


First Airline flight Couriers came into being on Monday, 17th November 1986. It all began together with the setting up of three office buildings at Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. � The overwhelming response via customers, has not been just a heaven sent dream, but the fruits of an early on realization and recognition with the tremendous potential that the Indian subcontinent are available in terms of market size. It was the foresight and dynamism of the Founder Chairman and Taking care of Director, U. P. Saboo which create a spring plank for the business to catapult into what today –  India's Largest Domestic Courier Company.

Prominent Features of first flight-

| 930 Initial Flight Office buildings across India

| 2208 Authorized Collection Centers

| 452 Franchisee Locations

| Serving more than 5000 Pincode Destinations throughout India

| Dedicated Workforce of more than 10000 in addition employees

| Strategically located almost eight own International Offices

| Serving more than 220 countries...

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