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How to Carry out Glass Portrait from a Pattern Tracing

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Glass is indeed beautiful! Works of art too will be eyes' pleasure! When cup and chemicals are put together, they produce amazing pieces of art. The art of cup painting is now popular, particularly with those who need to decorate all their homes with an artsy touch. Actually it is not incredibly tough to do. You can make a beautiful portrait in a day.

All you need to do a glass painting is a little imagination and patience along with, of course , certain items like a clean piece of goblet (size 8X8” is sufficient intended for the first timers), a glass liners, paints, paintbrushes, toenail polish removal, and comfortable piece of cloth. You don't have to bother yourself in collecting these items. They are all contained in the Painting Sets, that are and so easily available in the market these days. Could buying a a glass painting package, you'll have to make a decision what hues are you going to work with for making the glass piece of art. If you are a newbie then you need to opt for water-based color and get the newcomers kit. Water-based paints, when compared with oil based chemicals, are easier to deal with. Steps

Following getting the piece of glass as well as the painting package, clean the glass so as to get a smooth surface Step one. jpg you After obtaining the piece of glass and the art work kit, clean your glass so as to get a smooth area. Ad

If you are not going to oven cure your finished painting then you need relatively rough area Step 2. digital 2 For anyone who is not going to the oven cure the finished piece of art then you need somewhat tough surface. Shooting in a kiln can help oil paints dry out and conform better normally paints are likely to peel or perhaps chip off. This can be countered by roughening up the area a little with wet or dry sandpaper. Roughing the surface in this manner may help the paint adhere better and stay longer. Select a pattern which has crystal clear outlines with minimum likely curves and pointed sides Step 3. jpg 3 Decide on a...

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