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 Graduation Presentation Essay

To our Barangay Captain Professional __________, people of barangay council, G. T. A. officers, officials of parents from the graduating learners, dear professors, our Main, Mrs. ___________, our dear District Manager, Mrs. Marylyn H. Pascua, parents, fellow graduates, guests, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant evening.

The school year 2011-2012 is about to be concluded. Mixed emotions complete our hearts and different thought linger through our heads. I feel content and successful for i am printed over a paper that people refer to since diploma. We all feel very pleased, pretty and good looking while using dress and gown were wearing this evening. We truly feel excited because there are presents ready to be open for use back home. All of us feel unfortunate because we could about to leave our second home, ________________school, that observed every frivolity, every split, every tornado and every sunny days we now have had within the past six or more years of our lives. I guess this night is among the most remarkable experiences that we have encountered within our elementary times ever.

Tonight's theme " YOUR SURPRISE OF LEARNING, OUR INSTRUMENT FOR NATION BUILDING, ” makes myself wonder more deeply. It makes me recognize that we, each of our parents, our teachers as well as the community have got a big responsibility in what our nation will be in the being successful generation.

Because of you dear professors we are now armed with appropriate knowledge for being progressive. You showed us the right way to be innovative, innovative and flexible with the resources provided by the environment. You have developed the potentials and installed an excellent perspective in every area of your life and education.

Due to our parents, we were in a position to become more family members oriented. We learn to give respect to both the aged and youthful members of the family. That they taught us the proper beliefs that manufactured us self-disciplined and morally straight persons.

The church instructs us ethical values and words of God so that we will be guided with all the actions. It gives you gospels where we can get inspirations in molding...

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