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技巧:看畫線部分或畫線前後是否有對等連接詞. 技巧:畫線部分有BE,看BE前後是否有N. ,看畫線前後是否有BE. *Ving 前若要有主詞,要用所有格 ex His + Ving(所有格優先用名詞,若無名詞才用Ving) *to V 前若要有主詞,要用 intended for + In + to V

*be動詞 平衡前後 N,但若 介+N 則為adj,不用管平衡。 ex John is definitely trouble≠John is at trouble *be動詞 平衡時,若一邊的名詞有指定(the N), 另一邊也要指定. * ___ that ___ which ___

5. to Versus... and (to) V (to很常被省略掉)

*... and.... and... 出現兩個以上的and時要從句意去判斷如何平衡

5. 肯定句:and� ex we observed you and your sister.


否定句:or ex lover No one found you or your sis. He would not speak fully or plainly.  Seldom 是否定句的用詞


題(OG Sample44)


_____ the Hudson Water at Albany to the Great Lakes at Buffalo, offering the interface of New York City with a direct water connect to the heartland of the North American continent.  A) Seldom much more than 40 ft wide and 12 toes deep, but it ran 363 miles throughout the rugged widerness of upstate New York, the Erie Apretado connected  B) Seldom more than 40 toes wide or perhaps 12 ft deep but running 363 miles across the rugged widerness of upstate New York, the Erie Canal connected  C) It was seldom more than 40 feet vast and doze feet profound, and ran 363 mls across the rugged widerness of upstate Nyc, but the Erie Canal, connecting  E) The Erie Canal, seldom more than 40 foot wide and 12 ft deep, but running 363 miles across the rugged wilderness of upstate New York, hooking up  Ans: B(有主詞沒有動詞 → 刪CE; (A)錯在but it ran 和 and)

5. as well as(補充資料來源)

- and 不是對等連接詞 (i. e. and 不等於 and!) - along with 的正確詞性是


(2)介係詞 ,也就是 as well as 在逗點後面(i. e. 附屬結構)的標準用法是當介係詞。 換句話說

- as well as 無法用在" 動詞" 上的對稱,因為它並" 非正統的對等連接詞" -- 所以一般來說是不可能會出現 V1. as well as A HUGE SELECTION OF � 但是可用在" 名詞" 上的對稱 N1. along with N2. (但焦點在於N1)� - and also 可做為介系詞,這時候判斷準則就是" 是否有逗號在as well as之前" �  題(PP T2 Q90)


Diesel-powered engines burn up as much as thirty percent less fuel than gasoline search engines of identical size, along with emitting much less carbon dioxide gas and far fewer of the other emissions that have been implicated in around the world.  A) of comparable size, as well as emitting far less carbon gas and much fewer of the other gasses that contain  B) of comparable size, as well as emit far less co2 gas and much fewer of some other gasses having  C) of comparable size, and also they emit far fewer carbon dioxide and also other gasses that have  D) that have a equivalent size, as well as emit significantly fewer of some other gasses having  E) which have a comparable size, as well as emitting much fewer of some other gasses having  Ans: A


(A) 是對的. 1 . emitting 的主詞是 Diesel search engines, 2 . that = fumes  (B) 1 . as well as 是介係詞, 自然不能接動詞�


2 . having 可能修飾 gas, 也可能修飾 co2 gas and... gases  (C) carbon dioxide 不可數, 要用 less


(D) (E) 改變句意 (carbon dioxide 不見了) ;用of 比 that have 簡潔



* not ★, but rather ☆


題(OG11 SC87)


The energy origin on Trip 2 can be not indivisible reactor, by which atoms are actively cracked _____ a sort of nuclear power supply that uses natrual radioactive decay to produce power.  A) apart; somewhat


B) apart, but rather


C) apart, but rather that of�


D) apart, yet that of�


E) apart; it is that of



5. not ★ nevertheless ☆(前後要對稱)


題(OV SC4)


The voluminous personal papers of Thomas expose that his inventions typically ____ from earlier works.  A) sprang alive not very quickly of inspiration but evolved slowly  C) did not spring to life very quickly of motivation but evolved slowly  E) did not spring to life in a flash of inspiration but they were slowly advanced  Ans: C

* not really... � nor...


題(PP T1 Q37)


One report concludes that many educational institutions do not have, or likely to possess, enough pcs to use them effectively.  A)or




C)or are


D)nor are they


E)nor are not


Ans: D(be likely to)


*比較要同類:★☆要同類;硬梆梆比較、嚴格  - like+ 名詞


As & 子句


= just as = whilst


-- like ★, ☆ + V�


★ is a lot like ☆


★ like ☆, V


- prefer ★ to ☆



-- the same to ★ as to ☆


sama dengan the same to someone...... about a person


- 同級比較as... because... �


不相同時用not as/so...... as

* not so much since: 只用在否定句 ,所以前面一定有not,所以沒有 so much since 這個片語  as...

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