Identification and Analysis valuable Added and Non-Value Added Steps in Work Processes.

 Identification and Analysis of Value Added and Non-Value Added Steps in Operate Processes. Article


Introduction: Every single business has its own processes included as a part of all their operation. Each step or level involved in these kinds of work operations affect the overall working & profitability in the company. value addition carried out at each of such stages needs to be analysed to higher understand the procedure as well as increasing it additional.

For the purpose of this paper we havve regarded one of the offshore operation unit of a US based Outsourcing & asking firm. Personality of the firm has not been exposed for secureness reasons. Really is endless this statement is of help understand ramifications of value addition in each stage of processes.

Issue Statement: Evaluation of Transportation Processes in XYZ Back Office Control Pvt Limited,. (This is a fictitious name for the actual Outsourcing & consulting MNC, Identity not really revealed to get security reasons) to identify not value added operations and eradicate or change them pertaining to cost saving. --------------------

Travel (car pools) & invoicing of transfer expenses in XYZ BPO Pvt Limited,. Services Pvt Ltd,.

With regards to this assignment we have deemed transport approach to XYZ BPO Pvt Limited,. alone. As an element of the companyВЎВ¦s policy XYZ BPO Pvt Ltd,. provides transport facility for almost most its workers. However it is definitely not cost effective to own and maintain an automobile pooling assistance with above 2000 taxis. Hence, XYZ BPO Pvt Ltd,. offers outsourced the transportation function to a regional taxi cab assistance (identity not disclosed for confidentiality purpose). The conventional procedure implemented to deliver the transport assistance and also clearance of the billed expenses for the service provider has become portrayed in Diagram 1(Process 1).

No value added stages in process one particular:

step1: Workers: Request for transfer & suggestions information (residence address, move schedule and so forth,. ) step 2: Team Leader/ representatives or Transport SPOCS:


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