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In this conventional paper the copper mineral company Aurubis will be analyzed by using tactical analyzing techniques. Due to the fact that simply publicly offered information utilized, the main focus from the paper is defined on right away recognizable problems. The three challenges identified by authors are: the nearing energy catastrophe, an exorbitant integration as well as the expansion in to foreign marketplaces. These challenges will be additional explained inside the text and possible solutions will be displayed. In the end you will see a recommendation on how to solve the three above mentioned problems.

1 ) About the company

The company Aurubis started out like a silver splitting up and smelting facility situated in Hamburg in 1770. By today Aurubis is active in the copper extraction industry largely and features subdivisions which usually either make use of the waste from the copper removal in their sectors or utilize the copper from the copper removal process in their own production and develop forms from it. As can be seen on the webpage, Aurubis is lively in water piping smelting and forming along with chemicals and building supplies. The corporation features most of it is production sites in Europe, but gets the copper concentrate via around the world (Aurubis 2011e, 2011a). The final items of Aurubis are sold all over the world, with most of the sales staff located in European countries as well as Asia (Aurubis 2011a). In the financial year of 2010 Aurubis had 4800 employees (Aurubis 2010, 4) working on the production sites around the world as well as in the administration and the sales departments, while the company earned 9, 865 mil Euro in revenue (Aurubis 2010, 3) with the creation and distribution of all the items including the divisions. installment payments on your Strategic Position

2 . A The environment throughout the company

The copper market faces a lot of serious problems, which will be explained by using the PESTEL-framework as well as the structure of Porter's five causes. The PESTEL-framework (Johnson, Scholes and Whittington 2011, 50-54) gives a extensive overview of the industry as it focuses on the 6 the majority of influential factors for the industry. These most influential factors would be the political, inexpensive, social, technological, environmental and legal dangers which will be deemed in the next section. � Firstly the PESTEL-framework thinks the political threats. The political environment can be considered a threat to the copper sector since the souterrain in which the birdwatcher concentrate is definitely mined are often in other countries compared to the copper mill. An exception for this might be the united states, since in this article 28 puits exist too as three smelters (Edelstein 2011) which leads into a complete production cycle. In most of the other countries especially those with all the highest copper reserves, at the. g. Chile and Peru (Edelstein 2011), the unmanufactured copper completely focus is shipped overseas to be further refined. For this reason involvement of different countries as well different governments will have to be deemed, which might improve the possibility of a threat. Monetarily the increasing energy prices might be a threat due to the fact that the copper mineral refining requires a large amount of temperature to be able to burn which has being produced by the utilization of energy. One more source of intimidation comes from the limited assets regarding water piping. An estimation of the water piping resources demonstrates until now just 630 million tons are found to be mined (Edelstein 2011). Last year's total require of birdwatcher worldwide was estimated in 16. twelve million plenty (Birkholz 2011b), so the copper industry is definitely facing a contradictory development: On the one hand the resources have become more and more limited, but the demand for them...

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