Of Rats and Guys (Loneliness)

 Of Rodents and Guys Loneliness Article


A person is always attempting to find a connect with another individual, but in this lonesome globe that doesn't always occur. When people are miserable of friendship, a lot of different effects happen in different people. Different situations that everyone is in can lead to distinct outcomes and can lead to people developing different personalities and various situations in life. This longing for companionship is actually a theme that is widely discovered in the book in the book Of Rats and Guys. In this book, John Steinbeck uses the characters Criminals, Curley's partner and Sweets to show that loneliness is sadly a part of lifestyle that all of us have to combat against.

By the use of characters Steinbeck shows just how people are depressed. Crooks is known as a character that represents dark-colored people of the some how they were mistreated but not cared for. " S'pose you didn't possess nobody. S'pose you could hardly go into the bunk house and play rummy ‘cause you was black” (Page 72). In this estimate he is discussing with Lennie when he came into his room in the back of the hvalp. The hoke house is definitely where the remaining characters sleep showing the distance between the rest of the characters and Crooks. He explains it himself and blames it on the prejudice that society has positioned on him. By simply him bringing up playing rummy shows his need for company and discussion with other character types. Lennie's reaction to this is lack of knowledge, not intentionally on his portion, he pays attention to other items that can just affect him showing how society has also ignored the void of Crooks and the many people that might be experiencing the same condition.

A sense of planning to belong to anything other than yourself that comes with isolation is also handled upon in the novel by character Crooks. " …If you…guys will need a side to help nothing-just his keep, how come I'd come an' give a hand” (Page 76). Crooks is usually telling Lennie and Candies he would also like to join these people on their want to buy a ranch. He says it...

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