One particular Billion Increasing

 One Billion dollars Rising Composition

Zach Kachmar

Susan Lucyga

March 18, 2013


One Billion dollars Rising is actually a global motion formed by simply Eve Ensler to show the earth woman's personal strength through boogie and the sobering issue of women's assault and gender inequality. One billion rising was named through a figure that one in three girls will be raped or beaten in their life time, adding up into a startling one billion. Upon Valentine's Day the organization traveled to Serrania College and other public areas to boogie, and clear up people upon pressing concerns regarding girl. Through first hand accounts it had been made clear that women's misuse is not just a developing country's problem, although a problem that is happening in all of world. Problems covered diverse from girl here in the being sold because sex slaves to women in university being crushed and raped. From every different race, class, and creed Ensler aims to hook up the world and have absolutely that can certainly violence moved on for far too long, and a call up to an end to this barbaric cycle. Intended for the world to appreciate that afeitado should not happen, and for girls that stay silent to be led to believe it's their particular fault is backwards and wrong. Below no circumstance does a female or girl deserve to be subjected to rasurado or inequality. Statistics proven during the demonstration regarding how many female and kids were raped every year was eye opening and angering. To know these kinds of injustices were still going on in the world was obviously a damper for an otherwise fabulous dance overall performance. Having in person known a lady who was sexually assaulted, real world accounts after the event penalized a part of love-making trafficking brought back familiar speaks in which I had been shown marks of a previous that no woman or perhaps child warrants to go through. Females that fully stand up for themselves following being literally or emotionally repressed display a true display of human strength. Violence toward women should stop today.

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