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Rhetorical Examination Essay: 2008 AP Issue 2

John M. Craig argues that scientists have to embrace concern within the passing; he asserts that they need the courage and will to conquer the overwhelming uncertainty of exploring new fields. With an honest and clear strengthen Barry features the split between assurance and doubt in the passing, discussing the importance of " pioneers”, individuals who are willing to adventure into the unexplored to further their particular researches. Courage and wit are indeed two crucial factors for the biologists, chemists, and engineers of today to increase develop science; it is important to " probe” the unknown in order to hunt for answers, and it is important to accept failure rather than fearing this, for mistakes and problems help in mastering research approaches. In The Great Influenza, Barry employs prolonged metaphor, repetition, and rapport to deliver his message on the need for experts to explore the unfamiliar.

Extended metaphor is used to focus on the violence brought by exploring undiscovered aspects of scientific research, furthering her argument that researchers need courage. Barry claims that " true scientists” are " on the frontier” and must therefore " manage the unknown” and develop " equipment and tactics needed to obvious the wilderness”. He identifies the harshness and fear-inspiring nature of conducting overseas and novel experiments by simply comparing it to a " frontier”, conveying it since the " unknown” as well as the " wilderness”—" frontier” connotes a barren landscape, insinuating the vast and unexplored characteristic of performing ambitious researches, and " unknown” and " wilderness” imply dread and violence, deterring researchers away from enriching their hypothesis. In doing this Craig emphasizes that courage is actually a crucial requirement of scientists to acquire in producing science. Furthermore, Barry mentions " shovel”, " pick”, and " dynamite” since examples of " tools one needs”. All of the utilities are used for grating and...

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