Swot Analysis of Lenovo

 Swot Examination of Lenovo Research Newspaper

Strong points:

* Its manufacturer is renowned in China and become more familiar worldwide. E. g. it is the top merchant in Asia-Pacific region, and it is the top ten best maintained PC vendors in 2150. * You will discover regional basics and support centres to supply sale support all over the world at the. g. Ny, Paris, Beijing. * It enjoys the key position in China, which being oligopoly in the market (with a share of 34%). * They have higher development rate than any other companies (36%, compared to industry rate 16%). * It holds the no . 1 market position consist of Asian countries, showing it is a trusted brand to them. 5. Root of their manufacture and research is in China in order to save cost and operations; as a result its cost is competitive to foreign competitors like Dell and HORSEPOWER. * It has good research facilities in Japan and US.

* Their image has changed to a value-conscious PC brand from a stereotype one particular, i. elizabeth. it is known as equal with leading PC brands like HP and Dell. 2. It has created many collectors' items (e. g. laptop cover), making more persons know thier name. * It acquired IBM's PC section, making it owns 8%market reveal of the planet's PCs. 5. It will be providing IBM's ThinkPad brand as well as PC services, which enable it to push its brand name to a top position inside the global market. * It is the partner of numerous famous brands and endeavors, e. g. American Air carriers, NBA, Skol. i. electronic. its brand appears usually in overseas regions and global occasions, to increase brand identification. Weakness:

* Completely a low earnings margin from 2002 to 2006 (2. 3% only, whilst the industry average is installment payments on your 9%). * There might be a fancy and bad cost formula as there is a 84. 5% drop in net profit. 2. It has to implement the brand change from IBM to Lenovo, so it must maintain good and steady marketing emails for its Computers. Opportunities:

5. Many small and medium corporations would like to select Lenovo because of its penetration in offices of...

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