The Age of Innocence by simply Edith Wharton

 The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton Essay

About the book…

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Newland Archer saw little to envy inside the

marriages of his close friends, yet he prided

himself that in May Welland he had

found the companion of his needs-tender and impressionable, with equivalent purity of mind and manners. The

engagement was announced quietly,

but all New York culture was shortly

privy to this kind of most perfect match, a union

of families and situations cemented

simply by affection.

Enter into Countess Olenska, a woman

of quick wit sharpened by simply experience,

not really afraid to flout meeting and

determined to find flexibility in divorce.

Against his judgment, Newland is drawn

to the socially ostracized Ellen Olenska,

whom opens his eyes and has the power

to generate him experience. He sees that in

sweet-tempered May, they can expect

stability and the steadying comfort of

duty. But you may be wondering what new worlds could this individual

discover with Ellen? Drafted with

style and wry precision, Edith

Wharton's Pulitzer Prize-winning

work of art is a tragic love story and a

powerful homily about the perils of a

perfect marital life. -- William Lyon Phelps and Electronic. M.

Forster, powells. com

Edith Wharton, one of the leading American novelists in the

1900s and 1910s, was developed Edith Jones to rich and

conservative parents who had been part of Ny City's excessive

society. Wharton had the best that cash could get. She

was privately tutored, traveled to European countries, and wedded at

age twenty-three in 1885 to a member of her

family's established, Edward Wharton. However , Wharton disliked

playing the function of culture matron and hostess in New York

City and Newport cigarettes, Rhode Tropical isle, a rich summer hotel

area. A few years into her marriage, the girl suffered a nervous

break down. Her doctor suggested that Wharton, who

written and had poems published as a child, is going to take up

writing again like a cure for her nerves.

one particular

In 1920 Wharton published what would become her best-known book, The Age of Chasteness. Set in the New York City of her youth, the story explored the European root base of classic New York City culture. Written while the world of civil manners was giving way to the parties and gin fizzes of the Jazz Age, The Age of Innocence consistently recounted the social rituals of a class now lifeless and buried, its presence at the ie, its formal dinners, betrothal visits, and summers in Newport. The innocence Wharton recalled in her novel was as much about the sexual propriety and economical rectitude of her parents' age as it was about their aversion to the uglier side of life. Wharton won a Pulitzer Prize for the book in 1920.

Wharton continued her energetic writing schedule, through 1925 was considered the grande dame of yankee letters. Your woman had received an honorary doctorate coming from Yale University and was consistently known as as one of the " twelve very best women in America. " Handful of reviewers provided her adverse reviews, nevertheless a handful complained that Wharton had practically nothing new to claim. Between 1925 and her death in 1937 Wharton wrote one book of essays within the craft of fiction, five novels, five volumes of short reports, a amount of poems, and her memoirs. -- " Edith Wharton. " American Decades. Gale Research, 1998.


1921 Pulitzer Award Winner


Novel by simply Edith Wharton, published in 1920. The work presents a picture of upper-class New York society in the late 19th century. The storyline is offered as a sort of anthropological research of this contemporary society through references to the people and their actions as tribe. In the account Newland Archer, though employed to Might Welland, an attractive and proper fellow member of elite contemporary society, is interested in Ellen Olenska, a former part of their group who has been living in The european countries but who has left her husband under mysterious situations and delivered to her family's New York milieu. May dominates by discreetly adhering to the conventions of this world. The novel was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. -- The Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Materials

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