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 the road not really taken analysis Essay

п»їPoetry analysis- the road not taken

The poem entitled " the road not taken" is a story poem authored by American poet Robert Ice, which involves four stanzas and 20 or so lines as a whole.

In terms of literary devices, the first line of the poem creates beautiful imagery, " two tracks diverged within a yellow wood". By going through this line, readers can easily create a picture in their head and further know what circumstance the poet is usually facing; which is coming across two roads although walking throughout the wood 1 autumn early morning. Other than the imagery, the poet as well uses significance. The representational value of two roads is easily to grasp, presenting the choices that people confront throughout the quest of life. Instead of just staying the forking roads transferring across a wood, they can be more likely to present roads that lead straight down different paths in life. In addition , the poet uses many rhyming phrase to create a consistent flow. The using of words with ended syllable such as " fair, use, there" and" lay, time, way" displays a mastery of flow.

In first three stanzas, the poet mentions a lot how two roads are virtually the same, by first conveying the tracks are " as in the same way fair”, then with " though concerning that the completing there/ acquired worn these people really about the same”, and polishing off with expressing " both equally that morning equally lay/ in leaves no stage had trodden black. ” These all demonstrate that the poet person contradicts himself here. This individual has no thought which one to select since two roads just have subtle difference, but down the line, in second stanza, the man makes up his mind and takes the street which is less travelled by simply. It implies to selection of the poet's life path.

Pertaining to deeper comprehension of the content, the queue " Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubt easily should ever before come back" has a significant implication; the poet will keep telling himself that he will have the opportunity to returning and have the other route one day, yet life doesn't work this way. We all believe it is...

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