To Make the Universe a Better Place

 To Make the Community a Better Place Essay

Thomas Fitzgerald

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To Make the World a Better Place

In order to make the world a better destination to live in, rather than thinking big like most individuals feel the need to (living in poverty ridden lands to feed the hungry, building homeless shelters, ect. ), in college, I feel that Let me start small in a sense though not excluding the potential of doing a thing extensive in later years. The way I would like to make by least where I live a better place is through helping people in require, by being a light-weight in a dark world. Although I have not really been to college or university yet, from what I have heard it seems pretty corrupt and perverse, by getting the quantity of liberty we do all at once. Easily can, I would like to be presently there for anybody that will listen, to aid save themselves in the long run, or at least in their college or university life, to create better selections.

Although this kind of idea may appear completely boring to some, it truly is what I have been brought up to trust, to try to present Jesus to any or all I satisfy to the most of my ability. In doing so , it is my personal hope that others is going to join me and it might become a sort of " pass this forward” kind of theme. This kind of at least is my personal hope for my own college your life, to might be volunteer by soup the kitchen, and other volunteer opportunities when ever time permits. Though these small works might not " change the world”, they will in least get me within a state of wanting to associated with world a much better place, thus when I get out of college have the time and resources to perform something considerable, it will be inside my second nature, and it will be simpler to find wonderful things through which to help my personal community, and the world a much better place. A single extensive thing that I feel as if I might wish to accomplish when I become older is to support build water wells in foreign countries to help out your people who have no clean water. One very well give normal water to a entire town for many years to arrive, which is a pretty decent work.

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