Looking for Alibrandi

 Looking for Alibrandi Essay

Melina Marchetta's new, Looking for Alibrandi, explores a number of topical designs. The topics that are present are: family, multiculturalism and heritage. These kinds of themes will be relevant to most contemporary viewers, as they just might relate to all of them on a physical / internal level. The family topic will include the struggles Josephine goes through with her family members, such as her father running out on her mother, and the impact on Josie as her mother using a constant ought to find anyone to fill that void. The multiculturalism motif will include the difficulties that Josie faces as she has the variety of both Italian language and Aussie culture, such as the themes and customs for the two cultures. The heritage theme will clarify the combines of the heritages of Josie's Australian and Italian blood vessels.

Firstly, family is a very important theme in the story because because an Italian language family they are really very close, writing just about every tiny detail with each other. Josephine's father, Michael ran out on his relatives whilst Josie was still fairly young. This left her mother in distraught and left ‘nonna' with a burning hatred for the man. As time proceeded, Josie's mom felt a continuing need to get someone to substitute her spouse; she has quite a few partners, none of which were accepted by Josephine. It is far from until afterwards in the novel that Josephine starts the bonding method with her father, and it is not until then that her mom finally perceives the benefits in his center, and in turn, expands rather attached to him.

Secondly, being a modern citizen in Australia is very challenging, especially for a single with both Aussie and European descent. Josie may include difficulties from all other people just like Carly Bishop, as she constantly telephone calls Josephine a ‘wog'.

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