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types of education 23.08.2019
 types of education Dissertation

Education in our daily life performs an integral part in the development of a society and a land at large. In today's environment, education provides individuals with a better probability of employment, which in turn leads to a much better lifestyle, electric power and status. Education is known as a long life process, intended to serve individuals, cultural and monetary well-being to enhance the quality of existence for all. In accordance to Farrant (2005) Education is a organized, scientific means of passing on skills, impart knowledge and train faculties from one era to the next, with intent to effect social and psychological behavior of individuals or perhaps groups of people to discover better ways of undertaking things and adding worth to and improve life style. This framework will take an analytical way of discuss the types of education that exist in Nyimba, zambia as an introduction and will even more give specifics education types in its primary body, eventually the conclusion will certainly express thoughts of the freelance writers view regarding the types of education offered in Zambia. Zambia's education can be grouped into 3 main feature, these are; formal, informal and nonformal educations. According Ezewu (1983)Formal Education, this is a completely structures education systems in which learning programs are fully described in terms of content as provided in schools, colleges and university. It is also characterised with certification. Formal education can be described as traditional type of education. This sort of education can be imparted within a school or college. It can be consciously and deliberately planned to bring about specific and special effect in the knowledgeable. So , it is synonymous with educational institutions.

In Zambia University is hence a formal organization of education. Education has a collective function. It has a target to help the kid to adapt to the sociable milieu in which he/she is usually destined to have. It is possible through education that society ensures for its people a sufficient community of tips and...

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