Emergency Planning and Secureness Preparedness

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 Emergency Planning and Secureness Preparedness Essay


Crisis Planning and Security Readiness

SEC 493

July 12-15, 2013

David Bagnon


The security of the nation is usually something that is vital to the nation. Because of

the unpleasant events that occurred in September 11, 2001, national security has had to bump up

their protection measures. Although security is not just for terrorist attacks, it is also put in place to generate

persons from organic disasters, before and after the tragedy. Technology features helped every agency to better

plan certain for catastrophes or keeping control about who makes the country, thru air, water, or property.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security contains many government agencies working on protecting the security

states of America. When people imagine homeland secureness, the initial thought intended for

all of them is terrorist attacks although homeland protection even protects when there is a natural devastation. Airport

secureness is operate by Transportation Security Government. This department of Homeland Security

was created in 2001 following the September 14 attacks. After the attacks, lots of things changed pertaining to

travellers flying. You will find more restrictions as to what can be brought on issues the plane. Liquid may

not really be more that particular amount of ounces, most shoes are checked. Travellers wearing outdoor jackets must

remove them to get pat downs and today only individuals are allowed at the entrance. There technology has

advanced to help them detect explosives or any system someone may want to take onto the

plane. Carriers left alone in any part of an air-port are being inspected and treated with lots of care. Following

September eleven, people were simply more mindful of their natural environment at the air-ports. Passenger names are

also checked out to see if any person on the list is on the terrorist list. Various people have comparable names to

terrorists or individuals who are just being looked pertaining to other criminal offenses committed. Many people get

questioned because of this and the providers are difficult with these people until they do their work of making

sure its not the criminal. Set up person is aware its not them, it still a less than comfortable position to get

in for a passenger. But the agent has to get the job done at the end of the day. An additional department

that is certainly talked about a lot is line security. This department obtains our region from unlawful drugs

weapons by coming in. It also watches out for people trying to come into the illegally. Every

year more than 300, 1000 people are captured trying to combination our region, some simply by land yet others buy normal water.

The agencies basically securing the borders are Customs and Border Patrol. When it comes to

the nationwide disasters that have been happening over the years, the Federal Emergency Managing

Agency also know while FEMA jump in to help while using aftermath. They help with financing and provides

workers to help with emergencies. Such as the above mentioned firms, there a a lot more basically

on the protection of the region.

Crisis Security Protocol on All-natural Disasters

All-natural disasters will be destructive incidents that are caused by changes in the ambiance and

environment. Wildfires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes are the natural disasters that the

country needs to face each year. Some regions of the country are usually more prone to getting hit by a certain

disaster a lot more than others. For example , Florida is likely to receive hit with a hurricane than Oklahoma

yet Oklahoma is likely to obtain him by a tornado than Florida. In either case, natural problems are

horrible plus they hurt a large number of people, get rid of many persons and change others lives forever. Unfortunately

generally there a natural catastrophes that give very little time for planning. When a tornado hits, you need to run

for shield at that moment, there is not any time for anything else. There are...

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