International Phonetic Alphabet and Rule

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 International Phonetic Alphabet and Rule Dissertation

BartЕ‚omiej Czaplicki

Fonetyka i fonologia

American British Allophones


1 . Aspiration

Rule: Voiceless stops will be aspirated inside the following framework: stressed syllable initially prior to a vowel. The secret applies inside words.





2 . Nasal Plosion

Rule: Halts have a nasal plosion before nasals. The rule applies inside words and across expression boundaries.





@SArp≤ @naIf

3. Lack of Plosion.

Rule: Oral stops don't have any plosion just before a stop or perhaps an affricate. The regulation applies inside words and across phrase boundaries.



@sEkВґnd| @tHЕ’rn

@DQt| @tSЕ’rtS

four. Glottalization.

Regulation: When instantly preceding a syllabic /n/, the /t/ is often lowered and a glottal end inserted.



[email protected] /n2


5. Compression of Coronal Noncontinuants (/t d n l/).

Secret: Coronal noncontinuants (that can be, /t g n l/) assume the area of articulation of the next coronal consonant. The regulation applies inside words and across phrase boundaries.

That may be:

a. they become dental before dentals: /T D/


[email protected] It5T


@tHEn5 @TIk

@tHEl5 @DEm

w. they continue to be alveolar prior to alveolars.




c. they may become postalveolar prior to postalveolars: /r/





@DQt= @roUd

d. they may become palato-alveolar just before palato-alveolars: /S Z tS dZ/ @dEd @dZв€љdZ




@ Qt @tSЕ’rtS

Be aware: If there is a chapter of the previously discussed sounds quickly preceding the context triggering retraction, the whole sequence goes through retraction. Вґn5d5 @DEn

@kHoUl=d= @reIn


[email protected] Ing @Suz

one particular

6. Velarization.

Rule: Darker /lГљ/ (velarized /lГљ/) shows up in all contexts in American English. Dark /lГљ/ can be pronounced like clear /l/ but additionally the back side of your tooth of the tongue is raised towards the velum. Velarization may be the process of raising the back part from the tongue for the velum.



The darker secret Composition