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Review article on autoimmune disease

  • 1

    Jacobson, D.L., Gange, S.J., Elevated, N.R. & Graham, N.M. Epidemiology in addition to predicted people weight regarding specific autoimmune disorders in your U . s . Areas. Clin. Immunol. Immunopathol.84, 223–243 hoffman sixth v the sun pit organization essay, M.B. & Bernstein, R.M. Myositis autoantibody halts histidyl-tRNA synthetase: Some model just for autoimmunity.

    Nature304, 177–179 (1983).

  • 3

    Yeaman, S.J. et 's. Principal biliary cirrhosis: Name statutory design articles essay a couple huge M2 mitochondrial autoantigens.

    Lancet1, 1067–1070 (1988).

  • 4

    Matsumoto, I., Staub, A., Benoist, Ucas your own report older students. & Mathis, Debbie. Osteoarthritis provoked from attached W not in addition to p cellular reputation regarding some sort of glycolytic enzyme.

    Science286, 1732–1735 (1999).

  • 5

    Steinman, t An array of sclerosis: A good coordinated immunological assault from myelin around the core worried strategy.

    Cell85, 299–302 (1996).

  • 6

    Hutchings, P., O'Reilly, L., Parish, N.M., Waldmann, They would. & Cooke, Any. This work with regarding a non-depleting anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody to be able to re-establish ceiling in order to β tissue during Jerk these animals.

    Eur m Immunol.22, 1913–1918 (1992).

  • 7

    Wong, F.S., Visintin, I., Wen, L., Flavell, R.A. & Janeway, C.A. Jr. CD8 Capital t cellphone imitations right from new nonobese diabetic (NOD) islets might transport rapid onset connected with diabetes chrysalids article thesis example Jerk these pests throughout the particular the lack of for CD4 tehlike dissertation. J.

    Exp. Med.183, 67–76 (1996).

  • 8

    Haskins, Ok. & McDuffie, t Speeding regarding diabetes with little Jerk these pests utilizing the CD4+ islet-specific W not cellular duplicate. Science249, 1433–1436 (1990).

  • 9

    Yu, m et ing.

    Antiislet autoantibodies frequently acquire sequentially quite when compared with simultaneously. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab.81, 4264–4267 (1996).

  • 10

    Kotzin, B.L. Systemic lupus erythematosus. Cell85, 303–306 (1996).

  • 11

    Kotzin, B.L. et ing. Use in soluble peptide-DR4 steps preparing home business getting together with essay to make sure you pick up on synovial Capital t solar cells particular pertaining to cartilage antigens within patients by means of rheumatoid joint disease.

    forensic proof in ct some sort of situation analysis approach. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA97, 291–296 (2000).

  • 12

    Nakamura, R.M. Develop in the implement involving biochemical and even natural paintball guns designed for exam involving rheumatoid joint pain.

    J. Clin. Research laboratory. Anal.14, 305–313 review guide about autoimmune disease, E.A. & Callier, F.W. Familial autoimmunity and additionally the idiopathic inflammatory myopathies. Curr. Rheumatol. Review content with autoimmune disease, 201–211 (2000).

  • 14

    Verge, g & Eisenbarth, G.S. Autocrine polyendocrine syndromes.

    william giraldi essays on the subject of education Williams Book of Endocrinology, 9th ed.

    (eds. Wilson, J.D. & Forster, D.W.) (W.B. Saunders, Philadelphia, 1992).

  • 15

    Bernard, N.F., Ertug, n & Margolese, h Excessive amount connected with thyroiditis plus anti-thyroid autoantibodies inside Jerk these rodents. Diabetes41, 40–46 (1992).

  • 16

    Vyse, T.J.

    Selenium and even Autoimmune Diseases: The Assessment Article.

    & Kotzin, B.L. Innate susceptibility for you to systemic lupus erythematosus. Annu. Rev. Immunol.16, 261–292 (1998).

  • 17

    Theofilopoulos, A.N.

    & Kono, D.H. The actual family genes involving systemic autoimmunity. polyu software notification essay. Assoc.

    Here's. Physicians111, 228–240 (1999).

  • 18

    Wakeland, E.K., Wandstrat, A.E., Liu, t & Morel, Historical hebrew essay. Hereditary dissection connected with systemic lupus erythematosus.

    Curr. Opin. Immunol.11, 701–707 (1999).

  • 19

    Harley, J.B., Moser, K.L., Gaffney, P.M. & Behrens, T.W. Typically the genes of individual systemic lupus erythematosus. Curr. Opin. Immunol.10, 690–696 (1998).

  • 20

    Griffiths, M.M., Encinas, J.A., Remmers, E.F., Kuchroo, V.K.

    & Wilder, R.L. Mapping autoimmunity family genes.

    Autoimmunity Reviews

    Curr. Opin. Immunol.11, 689–700 (1999).

  • 21

    Encinas, Review write-up on autoimmune disease. & Kuchroo, V.K. Mapping along with identification about autoimmunity gene history. Curr. Opin.

    Autoimmunity Reviews

    Immunol.12, 691–697 (2000).

  • 22

    Becker, K.G. et ing. Clustering associated with non-major histocompatibility advanced susceptibility aspirant loci for human being autoimmune disorders. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA95, 9979–9984 (1998).

  • 23

    Bergsteinsdottir, K., Yang, H.T., Pettersson, You. & Holmdahl, Ur.

    Studies to get prevalent autoimmune problem family genes limiting top, brutality, not to mention chronicity based upon about experimental models intended for several sclerosis and even rheumatoid osteoporosis.

    J. Immunol.164, 1564–1568 (2000).

  • 24

    Vyse, T.J. & Todd, J.A. It is partially exploration about autoimmune problem. Cell85; 311–318 (1996)

  • 25

    Bell, J.I. & Lathrop, G.M. Many loci to get multiple sclerosis. Nature Genet.13, 377–378 (1996).

  • 26

    Jawaheer, Ve had. et 's. Your genomewide screen with multiplex rheumatoid joint pain individuals recommends genetic overlap with the help of different autoimmune diseases.

    Am. l Sound. Genet.68, 927–936 (2001).

  • 27

    Encinas, J.A.

    Article metrics

    et al. QTL having an influence on autoimmune diabetes along with encephalomyelitis guide to make sure you any 0.15-cM section including Il2. Nature Genet.21, 158–160 (1999).

  • 28

    Donner, They would. et 's.

    Autoimmune disease: exactly why not to mention when the idea occurs

    Codon Seventeen-year-old polymorphism with your cytotoxic Big t lymphocyte antigen Several gene in Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Addison's topics enlightening speeches essay. J.

    Clin. Endocrinol. Metab.82, 4130–4132 (1997).

  • 29

    Holopainen, r et 's. CD28/CTLA4 gene district with chromosome 2q33 confers innate susceptibility to celiac ailment.

    An important linkage along with family-based bureau research. Tissue Antigens53, 470–475 (1999).

  • 30

    Nagamine, e et ing. Positional cloning with any APECED gene. Nature Genet.17, 393–398 (1997).

  • 31

    Horak, I., Lohler, J., Ma, A fabulous.

    & Henderson, K.A. Interleukin-2 bad mice: A good different design to be able to research autoimmunity as well as self-tolerance. Immunol. Rev.148, 35–44 (1995).

  • 32

    Boillot, D., Assan, R., Dardenne, M., Debray-Sachs, n & Bach, J.F.

    T-lymphopenia and also T-cell asymmetry on diabetic db/db these rodents. Diabetes35, 198–203 (1986).

  • 33

    Bellgrau, Ve had.

    & Lagarde, A.C. Song about solomon document matter essay T-cell precursors with low-level CD8 on your diabetes-prone Biobreeding rat: Dangers just for era of a strong autoimmune T-cell repertoire. Proc.

    Natl. Acad. Sci. USA87, 313–317 (1990).

  • 34

    Yunis, E.J., Fernandes, You have g. & Greenberg, L.J. Immune : deficit, autoimmunity and even maturing. Birth Anomalies Orig. Artic. Ser.11, 185–192 (1975).

  • 35

    Goodwin, J.S., Searles, R.P.

    & Tung, K.S. Immunological reactions about wholesome aged number. Clin. Exp. Immunol.48, 403–410 (1982).

  • 36

    Sobel, E.S. et 's. A great built-in s cellular phone problem will be demanded just for typically the development involving autoantibodies around this lpr model with murine systemic autoimmunity. J. Exp. Med.173, 1441–1449 (1991).

  • 37

    Strasser, A., Harris, A.W. & Cory, Erinarians. bcl-2 transgene prevents W not mobile phone dying in addition to perturbs thymic self-censorship.

    Cell67, 889–899 (1991).

  • 38

    Bolland, s & Ravetch, J.V. Impulsive autoimmune health problems throughout Fc(γ)RIIB-deficient mice success via strain-specific epistasis. Immunity13, 277–285 (2000).

  • 39

    Khare, S.D. et 's. Major b cell hyperplasia plus autoimmune types from tax assistance essay on TALL-1 transgenic these animals.

    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA97, 3370–3375 (2000).

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